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Why do the workers’ compensation doctors not want to release to me my medical records for the treatment of my injuries?

This is the strangest thing. These are records of your medical condition. You should be able to get them whenever you receive treatment. Do not let the front desk receptionist tell you no. File a complaint with the Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) in Atlanta. Doctor's offices quickly give your personal records to the workers' compensation insurance company. Why? Because they are paying for the treatment. So the doctor's office thinks (incorrectly) that your medical records are the property of the insurance company.

Most doctor offices now will give you a form when you leave the doctor's office that addresses a few very important things: your work status, your diagnosis, the need for physical therapy or other diagnostic testing and your return date to the doctor's office. Resurgens calls this a “Work Link” report. Do not leave the medical office without it.

However, the next important medial document is the actual office note or report. Most all doctors now use the same format to create this form. This gives you the “thinking” behind what the doctor puts on the “Work Link” form. It addresses why the doctor wants to perform surgery or why the doctor wants to order an FCE or to send you back to work without restrictions.

This document is usually available within the same day or within the next few days after your appointment. This is what I use to “push” to get my clients the medical care and treatment the doctor has ordered. If I do not “push” the insurer/adjusters tend to just sit on the medical request, taking no action at all.

Nevertheless, I do ask my clients to call me and tell me what the doctor wants to do for them in case I do not receive a copy of the medical status form or the office note. This helps me to manage their case more efficiently.

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