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When should I tell my lawyer about what my doctor says about my condition?

I know this sounds a bit crazy but I want my clients to call me and inform me of what their doctors says after each medical appointment. Even if the doctor says to continue the same course of treatment, your conversation with me allows me to probe deeper into what the doctor is thinking and how I need to react to it.

This so critical because after 40 years of legal practice, I have a pretty good “understanding” what the treating doctor wants to do for my clients and when they want to do it. This allows me to plan ahead, to strategize and to know when my client's case is ready to settle.

Client sometimes say they do not want to bother me with details. Yet these details are essential knowledge/information for their case.

Most lawyers do not care to be bothered about these details. In fact, most lawyers let their staff “manage” the medical treatment. But the details are everything. I have three others staff members to help me if I am tied up. We have a computer system to create important notes. I need them all. Generally speaking, lawyers do not like to get involved in the details of a case. That is where I thrive.

People are the reason I practice law. Helping them through the legal system is my immediate goal. And I delight when I can do so.

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