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What if the police officer summoned to the scene of my automobile accident did not accurately report the facts on his accident report?

Clearly, there is a lot of information that the law enforcement officer must collect at the scene of the accident.  But if there is a major error in how a collision diagram was sketched out, or if you were cited for speeding and the officer attributed the accident to you and not the person who made a left turn in front of you, you have a problem.

The adjusters use these errors to completely deny any liability (responsibility) for the injuries you may have sustained.

If you come to me for representation with a police report showing you at fault, I will listen to your story BUT the odds are that I will not take your case.

There is an exception, though. Suppose the traffic lights were under video surveillance (as in a school district). Suppose there were witnesses whose names were not on the police report.

In those cases and in others, I will ask you to pay for a private investigator who will take the police report and interview ALL witnesses, collect all videos and THEN go talk to the police officer to see if an addendum is in order.

If so, you have just turned your case around completely. But without such an expense (about $1,000 to $1,500), you can kiss your case good-bye!

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