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What if I stop medical treatment for a while? What effect does that have on my case?

We call this “gaps in treatment.” These gaps are legal case killers. Why would you stop medical treatment if you argue you are genuinely hurt and need continuing care? Is it because you went to Chicago to tend to your ailing grandmother? Or you went to a funeral of your uncle? Both of these “excuses” are valid IF for a very limited time. What is limited? Well, that is in the “eyes of the beholder.” All of this goes to credibility of you and your medical condition.

Certainly if you and your doctor agree to suspend physical therapy to see how you do without it, AND this is in the office notes of your doctor, then there SHOULD be no problem with the treatment gap. This is still a very tricky situation. All adjusters are trained to look at gaps, if any, in your treatment and to use the gap as a way to draw a line in the sand as to the end of your treatment.

If you receive a lumbar epidural injection, your anesthesiologist or pain doctor or orthopedic doctor may want you to go for 3-4 weeks without any other treatment so see how the injections works for you. This a common. But don't wait 8 weeks before returning to the doctor for follow up.

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