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What if I get hurt in my garage, will I be covered by my boss' workers' compensation policy of insurance?

This issue is a bit strange and unusual yet quite logical in its conclusion. If you are driving home after work is over and you enter your garage in your car and your girlfriend is next to you and your wife is in the garage waiting to shoot you, then the answer is no. That would not be a job injury, not even if you were the owner of a company. Your garage is of no significance.

But if you were headed home with a lot of paperwork and maybe a bag of money to count from your restaurant and you were met by two burglars in your garage who shot you, then this could very likely be a job injury.

I am referring to the case of Kil v. Legend Brothers, decided by the Court of Appeals on June 21, 2019.

The Court of Appeals looked carefully at the facts. The robbers knew Kil came home at a certain hour. They knew Kil owned a restaurant. They knew he did a lot of paperwork from his home and most importantly, that he brought home a bag of money to count and deposit the next morning in his local bank. (sounds like they had inside information)

The Court said that based on “these unique circumstances…” though the injury took place in his garage and not at his restaurant, the injury was still work related.

The moral of this story is don't bring your girlfriend home when your wife is there and if you are bringing a bag of money home, be prepared to defend yourself from intruders who may know your routine.

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