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The Company Clinic and their orthopedic specialist say my bone spurs in my neck are not a job injury. Are they right?

Bone spurs generally develop in people in their late 50's or older. Bone spurs do not require medical care. But when you have been lifting, twisting, pushing, pulling boxes in your warehouse or in a parts distribution job for years and years without a problem BUT then one day, you lift awkwardly with a particularly heavy box and now you can't move… and the clinic doctor dismissed your problem as “bone spurs brought on by age” you are about to get denied justice!

What did the growth of one or more bone spurs cause in your spine? It caused a narrowing of your spinal canal so that at any awkward movement, the spur can cause a pinching of your spinal canal, your spinal nerves or nerve roots, all causing terrible pain.

The clinic doctor and their paid henchmen, the orthopedics, will blame age and normal wear and tear on your pain. Now it is called a degenerative disc disease (note how disease seems to indicate NO INJURY. It is all in the labeling).

Bone spurs cramp the space around your spinal nerves. Neck pain develops, sometimes radiating pain to your arms or legs occur (depending on the level of the spurs). Muscle spasms develop along with cramping and weakness.

X-rays are only the first level of a diagnosis. A CT Scan, or MRI show the bony growth in more detail.

Treatment can include over the counter pain relievers, muscle relaxers, spinal injections, physical therapy or chiropractic treatment.

If the bone spur continues to interfere with your spinal nerves, various surgical options may be recommended. But one thing is certain-the insurance companies will argue “to the death” that this condition is due to anything but a job injury. Rest assured of that.

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