You Need a Small Puppy

It is true that puppies improve a person's mental outlook, especially if you are experiencing chronic pain and depression after a serious car accident or a job injury.

Certainly, medical treatment and psychological counseling should not be discounted. But a puppy can help a person who is experiencing mild to moderate depression. Why is that? Pets provide unconditional love, they relieve loneliness and give injured and depressed persons a sense of purpose.

Studies show that owning a certain breed of dogs can:

  • Lessen perception of physical pain
  • Decrease agitation and aggression
  • Increase social interaction and the ability to manage daily living
  • Lower blood pressure and heart rate
  • Decrease loneliness
  • Ease anxiety or depression

The breed of dog makes a big difference here. Labrador Retrievers, Border Collies and Standard Poodles, Pugs, Yorkies are the best. Getting a Rottweiler or bulldog possibly will not do you too much good. And do be careful when lifting at Walmart a 50 lb. bag of dog food onto your shoulder and into the trunk of your car. The private investigators hired by the many insurance companies will certainly be filming you to prove you are not injured and disabled.

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