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Why Do I Need a Good Lawyer to Represent Me in My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Burdine & Brown Oct. 28, 2019

Insurance adjusters are the first group of people you will meet when you become injured. You will be sent to a company doctor to be examined. A company nurse case manager may meet you at the company doctor's office to gather information about you and to talk to the doctor (sometimes giving you little time to talk to the doctor yourself!)

So the adjuster pays you a weekly check and you are maybe getting medical care to ease your pain. Then all of a sudden the adjuster tells you that the doctor is releasing you to return to a “made-up” job and your weekly benefits will be stopping.

You thought everything was working along fine. But what happened to the MRI you were supposed to have? Why was your physical therapy stopped suddenly? Why your employer does now looks at you in a bad light, as a person who does not want to come back to work?

I cannot change ALL of these things in your case but I can certainly stand beside you along the way, changing the path of your case at many different junctures. Do not be misled by what the insurance adjuster or your HR Department says about your rights. Be informed! But don't hire a TV lawyer because you will never meet the lawyer and you will be just a number to them, a case, and not a real person with real issues.