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Who Has the Title Advisor to The President?

Burdine & Brown Feb. 27, 2020

Many would like this title…Ivanka Trump has this title. What does she do to leverage this title for good?

This is what she said at the one year anniversary of her Women's Global Development and Prosperity Initiative: “In the coming year, we can work to empower millions of women to lift their families out of poverty, to grow the economies and to deliver on the promise of greater peace and prosperity.”

This is not just talk. Ivanka has a way of getting the attention of those in power, those in a position to make a huge difference for good in societies all over the world.

Economic empowerment of women is now a priority of US Foreign policy. There has been established an Office of Empowerment at the United States State Department.

The WGDP is exploding with growth. The first year, 2019, it was given 50 million dollars in funding. In 2020, this funding has been increased to $100 million in a recent bill passed by the Congress. For 2021, The White House has proposed increasing the aid again to $200 million dollars.

Carmen and I are embarking in an exploratory project in Uruguay that could put the Ivanka Trump organization in a position to make direct contributions to CEPRODIH in Montevideo, Uruguay. This organization has been in Uruguay for 20 years. It is rock solid. It's goal is to empower women to be independent, to become entrepreneurs, to be vocationally re-trained. Our trip to Uruguay next month will find us attempting to bring folks together to create the right program that would interest Ivanka and WGDP.

As the Secretary of State of the United States, Mike Pompeo said in a statement on June 11, 2019, “The United Stated recognizes that societies which empower women economically and privately are more stable and peaceful. As much, the strategy is a government wide effort… these efforts further underscore President Trump's emphasis on the importance of empowering women to participate fully in civic and economic life, leading to more peaceful and prosperous societies.”