Who Are You Working For?

Who are you working for? Do you know the name of the company you are employed by? If you do not know, you need to find out. 

Are you paid in cash or with checks?

The best way to get paid is to receive a company check with taxes taken out. If you are paid cash, that is not so good. That tells me that your employer is not an honest person. Your employer is violating the law by hiring you and paying you in cash. Do not continue to work there. 

I talked to you in previous Facebook Live segments and my blogs about coverage. What does coverage mean? That means that your employer has workers' compensation insurance coverage so that if you get hurt, that insurance coverage can pay you weekly benefits if you are disabled and pay for your medical treatment when you are injured. If you cannot find out whether your company has workers' compensation coverage then please call my office at 770 623 6007 and talk to me since we know how to find out if your employer has workers' compensation coverage in Georgia.  We need to know the name of your company. You must find that information out.

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