What Means Working Under Duress?

What is working under duress? No, it does not mean that your boss holds a gun to your head. It means having to perform your job, your household daily duties, shopping, and any activity with pain and difficulty after an automobile accident.

Medical treatment is important, necessary and vital to your well-being. But if your improvement reaches a plateau and you need to plow on with all aspects of life and living…well, this would be considered working under duress.

Few lawyers listen to their clients long enough to document this situation. It is real and the consequences can be life changing. Insurance company algorithms are devised to add these functions under duress in their evaluation of case value. Do not let your lawyer ignore this situation. Contact us and you will find that we listen, document and explore all aspects of impairment and disability after an automobile accident. This is what adds legitimate value to your case.

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