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What Is a Client Centered Law Firm? It Is a Firm Where Certain Expectations Are Met

Burdine & Brown Feb. 28, 2020

A potential client expects a live person, a friendly person to answer the telephone inquiry during normal business hours.

A potential client would like to ask his/her questions to an attorney although this probably happens in most firms only 10% of the time (or at least with a call back from a lawyer within the same day or early the following day).

A potential client does not want high pressure to sign a contract based on a telephone call (yet many large law firms in personal injury or job accidents want this to happen with apps like DocuSign, etc).

A potential client would like to find that the person on the other end of the call is interested in their legal problem and will volunteer that the law firm they call handles this type of legal matter.

A potential client should expect to meet his/her lawyer at the initial in person interview, ( I find it most interesting that many younger lawyers never meet their clients…all communication is handled by phone (10%) and by internet (90%). I will not sign a contract of employment with a client unless I meet them face to face).

A potential client would like to see in the lawyer more than just competence and expertise but also trustworthiness which translates into warmth and an ability to identify with your legal problems and to listen… above all, listen to you.

Lastly, it would be helpful for the lawyer to be able to relate a similar case he/she has handled with positive results.