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Wake up America-The Communist Chinese Are Taking Over!

Burdine & Brown May 27, 2020

Have we, as a nation, finally gotten to the point where we now see that the Communist Party of China is our true enemy? Over the last 30 years, our leaders, our Presidents, from Clinton to Bush to Obama, have allowed and encouraged our manufacturing of every product to shut their doors in the USA and move to China for the manufacturing.

Maybe, just maybe, the Chinese Wuhan virus has a silver lining. After having almost brought our country to its knees, we now seem to be waking up to bringing our manufacturing plants back home. I am pleased to state that this is what President Trump has campaigned and has pushed for vigorously since he was inaugurated in January of 2017.

In Congress, the Republican leadership of the House of Representatives have now established a task force to combat China's attempt to dominate the world militarily, economically and medically. That is a tall order to reverse the last 30 years of give aways!

I believe China is a predator on the world market. Here are a few statistics: The Spanish Ministry of Health has reported more than 1 million corona virus tests purchased from China are defective. The Czech government reported a similar issue. The Netherland recalled more than a million face masks for failing safety standards. In January 2020, Cardinal Health was forced to recall almost 3 million surgical gowns that had been made in China, at a cost of roughly $1 million. More recently, the United Kingdom ditched an entire order of 250 Chinese ventilators that were designated to help the Covif-19 virus victims. Doctors found the breathing kits were so poorly made they threatened patient's lives. (The Washington Examiner, May 18, 2020). This is absolutely outrageous.

Little is known as to what powers this new task force can do or will do. Will this be just another committee that will hold endless hearings and produce no legislation “with teeth” to stop the Communist Chinese in their tracks? Will it attract the support of the democrats? Let's all keep an eye on how much news coverage these immense problems with Communist China will receive.