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Video on Burdine & Brown Website

Burdine & Brown Jan. 23, 2020

In early December 2017, my old website designer, The Veugler Group, asked me if I would like to place a video on my website. I thought about it then I read some other articles about the advantages of a video and decided to give it a try.

On Friday, January 11, 2018, the video was finished and approved by me and it is now live. Please take a look at it. I hope you do like the reference to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This was not just an off handed reference but a genuine incorporation of my faith into my law practice.

In the Fulton County Daily Report issue dated January 10, 2018, there was an attorney who was interviewed who is now the General Counsel for the Cancer Society. He was a former Navy Seal before attending Law School. Attorney Tim Phillips, was asked to speak at a forum of younger lawyers who were and are interested in doing pro bono charity work. Attorney Philips made the following statement to them:

“If you are willing to recognize that there's a power greater than you…that you're not actually running the show, your time becomes more manageable.” Attorney Tim Phillips, general counsel at the Atlanta-based American Cancer Society, Inc.

Attorney Phillips' was centered on prayer, not the billable hour.

I was very pleased that Mr. Phillips is open and candid about incorporating his faith into his practice.

I hope that more lawyers will take a stand for their faith and who they serve because we all serve somebody or something. It's as simple as that.