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Utilizing Injured Workers to Establish Independence from Communist China

Burdine & Brown March 24, 2020

Why don't pharmaceutical companies establish new and ultra-modern manufacturing plants in the USA, not dependent on China whatsoever, using unemployed and disabled US workers? The President and his daughter, Ivanka, have been pushing for vocational re-training here in the USA which would employ US workers with or without disabilities.

In 2002 we stopped making aspirin here in the US. Who makes it now? China. In 2004 we stopped making penicillin and Vitamin C. Who makes it now? China. Antibiotics, antidepressants, blood pressure medicines, cancer drugs and many more are made in China and sold here in the USA. All as a result of the policy of globalization.

What is it going to take to bring these manufacturing plants back to the USA? US Senator Tom Cotton of Kansas has introduced a bill in the US Senate to encourage the US manufacturing of these and many other basic medicines. This bill will bring the purchasing power of all US Agencies, Center for Medicare and Medicaid, the FDA, Health and Human Resources, Department of Defense together to establish supply chains that are solely in the USA to supply America and the world with these needed medications.

Again, who will be the workers in these new pharmaceutical plants to manufacture/produce these really important and essential drugs? Without sounding like a broken record, there are many workers who are out of work, some due to the pandemic of Corona Virus, others who lack training and whose companies have shut down or been fundamentally changed by a modernizing US economy (see my article on driverless 18 wheeler tractor trailers). The opportunities for those workers and these new pharmaceutical plants who can see in the future (and you don't have to see too far) are boundless.

We don't need a new Federal Government agency. We need a partnership between private industry and tax breaks for the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals here in the USA. The re-establishment of the US dominance in the pharmaceutical field would be huge and, simply put, strategic for us. And the less dependent on Communist China we can become, the better and safer we will be.

As I recently read in China Rx, authored by Rosemary Gibson, an excellent book that exposes China as a predator in the field of pharmaceuticals, the author concludes: “The truth is that America's dependence on a single country for the active ingredients, raw materials and chemical building blocks for so many essential medicines is a risk of epic proportions.” Ch. 2

Finally, I wanted all to know that I have assisted those in our society who have many different forms of disabilities with the goal of helping them to find productive work again. It is quite satisfying to be a part of helping a person get “back on their feet” again after a serious injury or disability. I would welcome an opportunity to talk to you about your specific situation. Give me a call.