Treatment Delays: Deliberate of Accidental?

Has your medical treatment been unreasonably delayed? In your job injury claim many times the insurance adjuster or their lawyer either negligently or deliberately delay the treatment orders of the authorized doctor. Why does this happen so often these days? The insurance adjusters like to argue it is due to the COVID 19 Chinese Virus. Baloney. Many adjusters work from home and are connected through internet to the office main frame.

Delay of authorized medical care is a way to frustrate you, the injured worker, to get you to the bargaining table before all your medical testing can be completed. The more complete your medical diagnostics are, the more your case is probably worth. If the insurance adjuster can keep this information from you, the less their reserves and the less value they give to your case.

Two years ago the State Board of Workers' Compensation established a PMT Conference to force the insurance companies to accelerate approval of testing and medical treatment ordered by the authorized treating physician. The Chief Judge told a group of us recently that 80% of the delays have been resolved ass treatment now moves forward. See my website at under FAQ's, PMT Conferences for more details. 

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