Traumatic Brain Injuries

While there is a vast difference between these two conditions, many people do experience symptoms of depression as a result of an automobile accident. There is temporary memory loss and changes in their personality. Irritability, sensitivity to noise, forgetfulness nausea are among the top symptoms of a concussion.

After 3 to 6 months the concussion symptoms dissipate or go away completely. However, a traumatic brain injury is one of the most serious injuries one can sustain in an automobile accident. The neurons inside the brain are seared and cut or stressed to a degree that they cannot be repaired.

I am attaching some links to two of the brain injury sites for you to review if you have any of these symptoms. Traumatic brain injuries and symptoms of a concussion are difficult to quantify even by a neurologist whom one would assume is best qualified doctor to diagnose these type of injuries. Soft tissue injuries are subject to vast difference of interpretations among many doctors. Family members are sometimes the best to diagnose these type of conditions.

By comparison, if I can help further please call my office because I do know some qualified doctors who are the best diagnose and treat for these injuries.

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