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A Thank You from South America

Burdine & Brown Oct. 22, 2019

From time to time I write about the work Carmen and I do outside of this law practice. We have established a 501 ( c ) (3) organization where we work with Christian organizations, churches and Christians engaged in various businesses in Uruguay, South America.

One of our favorite projects is working with Pastor Dumas Vallejo and his lovely family, Elba (his wife), Gaston (his son) and Alejandra (Gaston's wife).

They are the leaders of the Arietta Church. We have supported their church with an expansion of their church's kitchen, renovating the electrical work, plumbing, bathrooms, etc. Then we bought their church a 25 seat brand new Hyundai bus with zero miles on it. They are able to bring many children to their church. These children are from a genuinely poverty stricken area of Montevideo, Uruguay.

Dumas and his family have seen the numbers grow to the numbers grow to hundreds of children. Now attending the Arrieta church for educational activities, for feeding and for fun and worship time. This has caused a huge problem: the church's size cannot hold all the children and their families anymore.

So late last year, 2018, and in 2019 Asado Ministries has donated sufficient funds to build a full second floor to the existing church. Gaston, the architect, has designed the structure and about 30 of the church's men and women have donated their time and skills to do the labor (saving thousands of dollars but taking longer to finish the project).

Now, they are 95% completed. We just sent an additional $5,000 (as an unsolicited gift) to complete all the loose ends (which they did not ask for). When Dumas heard that we sent the additional funds he sent us an email. It is below, translate by Google Translate. Here it is:

“Dear Tom and Carmen, I have just arrived from San Carlos, today I left at 8 am and returned at 7 pm. I had an invitation from the church in San Carlos that I had already postponed and now it was time to go. What a great news to know that the hand of the Lord has not stopped, Glory to the Lord! and thanks to you that God acts and blesses his work. The men and women of the church of Arrieta are very grateful for your good offerings, that also stimulates their efforts to finish the work on the second floor that we have begun by faith. Thank you for your prayers and also for your broad and generous heart. We pray with Elba for you, the brothers and sisters pray for you, the church of Arrieta prays for you. I know you talked to Gastón today asking for my Scotiabank account details and I already read that Gastón has sent them to you. Thank you my dear Tom and Carmen, your lives and example are engraved in our hearts. See you soon,” Dumas and Elba

These “from the heat” thank you notes are what we live for. Helping others in a significant way makes life worthwhile.