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SSDIB Benefits Can Some Be Cut by The Thousands?

Burdine & Brown Feb. 18, 2020

I genuinely enjoy helping clients fight for their Social Security Disability Benefits.

But once I convince a Judge that my client is due these benefits by providing many high quality disability documents, I do advise and insist that my client continues to be treated by the doctors that “helped them to get their disability status.”

The President Trump hating lawyers who request the disabled are all up in arms because now the Administration is proposing to review every 2or 3 years those who have been granted SSDIB.

These lawyers claim that “This is kind of at “the world's on fire” level in the Social Security Disability world, “said Jen Burdick, an advocate for Federal disability program reforms who also serves as an attorney with Community Legal Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Quote taken from NOSCCR's Newsletter of January 2, 2020).

I see no problem with an earlier review of eligibility for continuing benefits. The program of disability was not intended as a lifetime program (or at least to 65 years old) unless the disabled person is actually disabled.

The way the Administration will accomplish their new rule making and their estimate of $1 billion dollars in savings to the program is that they will classify the newly found disabled as “medical improvement likely” after an Award of disability benefits. The disabled person will be eligible for Medicare (the medical treatment program that accompanies the disability payments) so they should be able to now obtain medical treatment.

When the government comes “knocking on their door” asking for continuing proof of medical treatment/disability that should be easy enough to prove. I just don't understand the big beef except it is part of the “Trump derangement syndrome” of these liberal lawyers.

The belly-aching of the lawyers who don't want to see this early review of disability really are not stating their real concern. Here it is.

Lawyers get paid for winning a case of disability out of the back pay of benefits awarded. Not a problem.

Now, once the SSA does a 2 or 3 year review and expects the disabled person to show continuing proof of disability, the lawyer has no back pay to get a fee from. So, the lawyer may have to help the disabled person a second time around by representing the person for free. And what is the problem doing some things for people without receiving a fee? Nothing. Just tell the client, whose case you just won to stay under a doctor's treatment and when he gets the letter of review, come back for further help. We should all do this, especially for the disabled.

So, get off your “high horse” and help the folks when they need it most!