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Should I Drop the Course I Am Taking to Learn Mandarin-Chinese?

Burdine & Brown May 29, 2020

Prior to the Wuhan Corona virus rearing its ugly head around the world, an amazing number of US parents had enrolled their children in Mandarin language classes.

Remember the 2008 Olympics put on by the Communist Chinese Party at the cost of $43 billion dollars? The propaganda value was amazingly effective. One of the main themes of the Olympics was “One World, One Dream.” Everyone thought this huge foreign power was going to become more westernized, more open, greener and less authoritarian. Well how do things look now, 12 years later? Certainly Communist China has not moved an inch, but the Western democracies have moved by leaps and bounds to open our doors to the Chinese.

But since President Trump took office in 2016, his theme of America First is not some right wing nut-job theme just to win voters, but an actual idea to genuinely bring our manufacturing jobs back to the USA. America First has real teeth at its core! American prosperity is happening.

Ivanka Trump recently visited Decatur, Alabama, as part of the FAME program sponsored by Toyota. This acronym stands for Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education. FAME is a career pathway allowing high school students and those looking to transition from heavy physical labor (and possibly those with disabilities) to earn a 2 year associate degree without the burden of incurring student loans and even more importantly, with the near 100% opportunity to enter the work force immediately after graduation.

It is said that there are over 2 million jobs that could go unfilled if the workers in the USA are not re-trained to handle the manufacturing jobs that President Trump (in partnership with the National Association of Manufacturers) is trying his hardest to bring back to our country. Toyota is clearly doing its part by training students of all ages and disabilities to transition into modern manufacturing.

A partial disability, limiting oneself in an ability to lift heavy items, should not prevent a re-training into this type of skilled work. Those who suffer with disabilities just need a genuine change. Let's hope it is now coming.