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Seeking Love, Joy, and Peace After a Personal Injury or Workers' Compensation Claim

Burdine & Brown Dec. 20, 2021

It’s Christmas! Everywhere we hear the stores pipe in their music for all of us shoppers. The song that is heard most often is Andy Williams: “It’s a most wonderful time of the year.”

We are all invited to pursue happiness. We all seek happiness. This is difficult to do when you are injured in a car wreck or a job accident or a serious disability that has plagued you for years. In my law office my staff and I try as best we can to understand your pain, the problems of not being able to earn money when you have been in an automobile accident or in a job injury.

All of us seek happiness by pursuing possessions, popularity, prestige, promotions, performance, and power in one form or another.

But this is not God’s blueprint for living. We really do seek, deep inside us, love, joy, peace. These three attributes are the first three Fruits of the Spirit that the Apostle Paul referenced in Galatians.

By and large we all have an incredible ability to diversion, entertainment and avoidance, distraction and indifference. This is a prescription for life without meaning.

In my law practice in Suwanee Georgia, I do try to invite my injured and disabled clients to engage in discipline of thought and action. I encourage many to change careers to work less strenuously due to a disabling job injury or auto accident.

I want my clients to seek wisdom for their careers and their families. Fools despise wisdom and instruction says the author of Proverbs. Disabilities, physical and mental, acquired due to an automobile accident and job injuries, forces one to think differently. We need to develop skills in the art of living.

Yes, this is a most wonderful time of the year. Commit yourself wholly to Our Creator and life will fall into its proper place. Life must be with meaning. A temporary loss of direction due to devastating injury can still produce meaning and purpose.