Psychological Treatment-Is It a Job Injury?

Many states allow for a person to be treated for psychological injuries sustained on the job. Examples: stress, emotional harassment by an employer, etc.

Yet, in Georgia, one must sustain a physical injury before any manifestation of the psychological problem can occur.

Georgia is one of seven (7) states whose law requires the physical injury FIRST.

There are a very few exceptions to the Georgia Law. One case was a where a County worker was cleaning up after a major flood and discovered a number of dead bodies in the water. He claimed he was psychologically traumatized and was disabled as a result and won.

Many of my clients experience chronic pain after injuring their back or needing a spinal surgery. We can help them obtain psychological treatment for depression which naturally comes from chronic pain. Insurance Companies in Workers' Compensation still fight us when we are requesting psychological treatment approval but with proper documentation we can usually prevail.

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