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Pre Hearing Memorandum

Burdine & Brown July 6, 2021

What is a pre hearing memorandum and is one necessary in my SSDIB case?

This document is the closest thing to a legal brief that we have for the Social Security Administration. I must submit this document 5 days before the hearing. Judges always read my pre hearing memorandum and many of them thank me for providing them with one. I try to have one in every SSDIB case. There are some exceptions but not many.

A pre hearing memorandum highlights all of your medical evidence, your commencement of disability, the date last insured, your educational level, and your transferable skills. It allows me to argue at the end, in the conclusion, why you should be entitled to SSDIB.

The pre-hearing memorandum will not replace your live testimony. However, assuming the judge reads the memorandum along with the medical exhibits that I refer to in the pre hearing memorandum, the judge has all the evidence that they need to issue a Favorable Decision for your case. Therefore, you cannot lose by submitting this pre hearing memorandum. By doing so, the judge may find that he/she does need to extensively examine you. In other words, the case may go much quicker since the judge already has all the necessary evidence at their fingertips. A good lawyer presents a pre hearing memorandum to ensure a much better chance to win your case.