Outmaneuvering My Opponent

Workers' Compensation Litigated Cases-Part II

In a blog posted recently, I discussed the power of the Judge to weigh the evidence/expert testimony in a Workers' Compensation case.

I had Doctor X's opinion and then obtained another doctor's opinion that was different with regard to the exact type of surgery that would be needed for my client, but was overall quite favorable to my client's position in court.

The insurer sent my client to a doctor with the same credentials but who said my client needed no further surgery. Again, black and white opinions.

The Judge in his Award favorable to my client said “counsel must be given credit for having outmaneuvered the employer/insurer.”

While I appreciate this backhanded compliment, (I certainly take it as a compliment) I would consider myself more the advocate but if that means I must outmaneuver the other side, so be it. As long as I aggressively pursue the truth, I will feel justified and my client will benefit.

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