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Nursing Homes and The Corona Virus?

Burdine & Brown June 3, 2020

This blog is a bit off my usual writing subject matters but it is a hot topic among all of us with the Chinese Communist Wuhan virus still raging.

Nursing homes were used by the Governor of New York to “store” or transfer the elderly. This act of stupidity caused the death count to soar in nursing homes in New York. Then to bar family members from seeing their elderly parents only added “insult to injury” and ultimately to greater deaths.

So sad. People who achieved good things during their productive life, retired policemen, firefighters, nurses, doctors, and war veterans, were callously thrown into the nursing homes only to die. Their lives were cut short by 5-10 years or more based on a politician's miscalculation.

So does the news media cover Cuomo's blunders? Of course no. He is liberal favorite of the fake news media crowd. Did the news media cover Florida Governor Ron DeSantis or Georgia Governor Kemp when they ordered just the opposite-an exit from the nursing homes to prevent a contagious spread of the virus among the residents?

What a way to end one's life-after doing good, raising a family, serving society in many different ways, only to wind up ordered into a nursing home and the dying, certainly before one's time to go.

Cuomo was able to move his mother out of a nursing home, thus reducing her risk greatly of contracting the virus. Many others were not so fortunate. Now the Governor of New York wants immunity given to the nursing home executives. What kind of political move is that? Instead of protecting the business executives, he should have spent more time thinking about how to protect the old folks trapped in the nursing homes. Shameful!