More Tips for Relieving Holiday Back Pain

Randall Nemerovski, M.D., who specializes in physical medical rehabilitation at Advocate Aurora Health, Kenosha and Racine, WI, believes putting up the tree can be problematic for back pain.

The solution: He says, “Always be aware of not putting too much strain on your back muscles. Take a break and sit down to give your muscles some relaxing time when you're on the go all day.”

Mark Drymalski, M.D., Medical Director of the University of Missouri Health Care's Comprehensive Spine Center, says that the repetitive bending of preparing food can be taxing.

The solution: “Consider taking frequent breaks to stretch and change positions,” he says. “Try breaking up your tasks into multiple days. Don't try to do all of your baking all at once or all in one day. Prepare ahead of time for cooking. This can mean washing and cutting all produce a day ahead or doing the baking days before.”

If you do choose to purchase holiday gifts beyond online shopping this year, Dr. Drymalski warns that carrying around heavy bags is tough on the back.

The solution: “Consider using push or pull carts rather than trying to carry everything yourself,” he advises.

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