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Medical Cost Projections

Burdine & Brown April 30, 2020

Another area we fine-tuned in recent years is how to make a persuasive medical cost projection in a case. You may have been treated by a local chiropractor for 10 sessions. Then the doctor orders an MRI of your neck and discovers a herniated disc. You are referred to an orthopedic surgeon. After conservative orthopedic care, surgery is recommended. Or, pain management at a pain clinic is the recommendation. But you cannot afford either of these courses of treatment unless you settle your automobile accident claim. You have no group insurance to cover the cost of the recommended medical treatment.

It is my job to “tease out” all the possible costs of treatment in a medical cost projection so as to present it to the automobile insurance claims department to obtain the maximum value for your case (assuming there is adequate liability insurance coverage) Please see my FAQ on “Why do doctors charge so much money to treat automobile accident victims”, for the way we handle this issue.

A persuasive argument needs many facts to support its conclusions. I take the time to obtain from the doctors the exact medical cost projection that can add value to your case. Most lawyers in the metro Atlanta do not take the time to do so. Why not? They do not have the interest nor the time. We try our best to have both to help you.