Medical Care

Whether you have injuries to your neck, back or to your arms or legs, you will need specialized care. I have been practicing for 41 years in metro Atlanta area, and have spent another 2 years prior to my practice, working as an insurance claims adjuster. I can honestly say that I have seen many different doctors come and go. The great majority of doctors in practice, whether in a specialty or in general practice who treat injured people, get their patients from insurance companies. They highly favor insurance companies in their approach to treatment. I have discovered their patterns of treatment. They are predictable. See my FAQ on this issue titled “Access to Physicians.” In an automobile accident case you can have the freedom to find your own qualified doctor. I can help you do this to avoid delayed medical care is the goal. Higher quality conservative and surgical care. All this is part of the way we place your case in a favorable position for a presentation to the insurance company or ultimately in front of a jury (although only a very small percentage reach that stage).

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