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Burdine & Brown Sept. 27, 2019

In the September 16, 2019, edition of the Fulton County Daily Report, the lead article states “Continuing its Hiring Streak, Swift, Currie, McGhee and Heirs, has added three associates in Atlanta…with their additions, Swift Currie has hired 14 lawyers so far this year, on top of 45 lawyers in 2018. With 150 lawyers, that makes it the largest litigation attorney firm in Georgia.”

What does this mean for the person who has a job injury or an automobile accident? It means that there are more lawyers out there to fight for the insurance companies, to minimize or deny your claims and to delay what is rightfully yours.

This law firm is one of many others who are the representatives of the insurance companies.

For instance, Drew, Eckl and Farnham has more than 75 lawyers in its firm.

Goodman and McGuffey Law Firm has 41 attorneys

Savell and Williams has 18 attorneys

Moore, Ingram, Johnson and Steele has 88 attorneys (in Georgia)

Speed, Seta, Martin and Trivett has 15 attorneys (in Georgia)

Not a one of these lawyers represents the injured worker or the victim of negligence in an automobile accident case.

The solution for those of you who are injured is NOT to hire a TV lawyer but to ask your friends and relatives who they used to represent them.

Hiring a good lawyer takes some research and maybe even a bit of good luck or maybe an answer to a prayer. Request an interview with a lawyer, don't feel pressured to hire the first one you meet. The good ones are out there! The trick is to find them!