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The Legacy of The Corona Virus

Burdine & Brown May 11, 2020

The Corona Virus has brought out the best of us but is has also brought out some really thorny problems. To name a few, the USA's dependency on Communist China's production of our basic medicines that we have all grown dependent upon. Our dependence on Communist China for all things that protect us from a spreading virus (such as personal protective equipment, face masks, and ventilators); as well as almost all products that are manufactured for sale across the world with the most modern machinery.

You may ask why I use the words Communist China to describe this behemoth country with $1.5 billion people. Well that is what they are: Communists. We should never forget that the people in power in this huge country are Communist. Their political psychology is the opposite of ours. They are not interested in any way with our Bill of Rights for their people. There is no such thing as freedom of anything in China. We still do not know how they seemed to have locked down the city of Wuhan, consisting of 55 million people (5 times the size of NYC) to “prevent” the spread of the deadly Corona Virus when it broke out first in this city.

The mounting criticism of China and how they had mishandled all things truthful pertaining to the Corona Virus is now beginning to receive a “push back” from the rest of the world.

China's official news service dropped a not so subtle warning in late April 2020, stating: “If China retaliates against the United States, it will also announce strategic control over medical products, and ban exports to the United States. If China announces that its drugs are for domestic use and bans exports, the United States will fall into the hell of a new corona virus epidemic.”

Why would China's official news agency say such a thing? Because they think they can. The Communist Party of China has been developing such power in so many different segments of the world's economy and in their development of a military force that we, the rest of the world, should start changing the way we deal with these people.

As stated by Tucker Carlson on Fox News in late April 2020, “The people who made us this dependent on a hostile foreign power deserve to be punished. That won't happen, of course.”

Professor Jeffrey Breshears, head of Areopagus Forum, a non-profit Christian think tank in Marietta, Georgia, said it well in his March-April 2020 Newsletter:

“Carlson is referring, of course, to the likes of Obama, Bush, Clinton, and other establishment politicians who had neither the foresight nor the courage to confront Communist China. Now, it seems that we are reaping the whirlwind of what these so-called “leaders” have sown in their naïve obsession with “globalism” and their efforts to build a “New World Order.” Let us not forget-especially this coming November.”

Think of this: I just heard today, that the Chinese are making a concerted effort to buy many of the US companies that are suffering greatly and are near collapse due to the Corona Virus. If that doesn't get you a bit outraged, then nothing else will.

I have advocated for a while now to having our manufacturing facilities move out of China. Make products here in the USA. This would employ so many people. In fact it might even employ some of my disabled clients who must now find lighter work due to a permanent disability (see my Blog on Vocational Rehabilitation). I do understand that not all manufacturing jobs are light duty but many are and we need to re-employ all those who still want to work. I know many such wonderful people who do.