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Lawyers Are Experiencing High Level of Stress

Burdine & Brown Jan. 23, 2020

An American Bar Association's National Task Force on lawyer well-being in 2018 reported that”…too many lawyers throughout the nation are expressing high levels of stress and are unhealthy and unhappy, which is adversely affecting their professional and personal lives.” (See the complete report @

Too many lawyers are depressed, dissatisfied with their career path, the type of clients they have, their office situation and this affects their personal life as well. Many lawyers resort to drinking alcohol, sometimes to excess and regularly so. This is never a good thing but it is socially acceptable to do so. Younger lawyers, having grown up in a different set of cultural circumstances, turn to marihuana to mask their depressive symptoms. They would vehemently disagree stating that marihuana in this age and time is for recreation only and has no other purpose and, of course, is not habit forming.

I am not trying to meddle here, but there are ways to reduce stress wholesomely and without after effects. Eating better, exercising more and maintaining an appropriate social circle of genuine friends is all good. This is not enough.

I do not want to be taken as a person who wags his finger at everyone else but I do find that those people, lawyers included, who are genuinely the most joyful, are those who are truly connected to Jesus Christ. We must have purpose in life. Lawyers are a business driven people. Lawyers must have goals. I say that spiritual goals according to the Holy Scriptures, is the way to have healthy mental and emotional well-being. Eat all the broccoli you want, exercise till your heart rate is wonderfully in control, but without a true connection to Jesus Christ, all will eventually be vanity.

So, is it a fair question to ask you lawyer, “where do you stand spiritually?” Most lawyers would take great umbrage/offence with this question. “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15. I wish more potential clients would ask me this question. The answer is a window into the lawyer's mental and emotional health. You need to know!