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Insurance Company Tactics in Automobile Accident Claims

Burdine & Brown Oct. 16, 2020

Insurance company tactics in automobile accident claims are motivated by self-preservation but some would argue that motivation comes from a selfishness and greed.

The insurers all seem to have the same formula:

  • Deny that the wreck is the fault of their insured

  • If they must concede the fault is theirs (their insured's fault) then they argue the impact was minor and in no way could have caused any injury at all; or

  • The plaintiff is clearly exaggerating his/her symptoms and had a pre-existing condition that is the source of their alleged damages.

What is the most frustrating aspect about handling these automobile accident cases is that in most cases the injury was not caused by my client, someone else caused it to happen, then the insurance company wants to plow through my client's medical history just looking for some other injury or sickness to blame for their current medical problems. And in order to get a fair value of the case we find that we need to get these medical records or the insurer than suspects we are hiding a previous medical condition.

Life and the law is genuinely not fair. As my theologian friend, Dr. Ken Boa, likes to say: “Don't pray for justice because you might get it. Do pray for mercy which is always available from our Lord in Heaven.”

Do call me when you have an automobile accident and you are not at fault!