If You Have Been Injured in A Recent Automobile Accident and You Were Not at Fault

If you have been injured in a recent automobile accident and you were not at fault, many TV lawyers will tell you that you could get millions of dollars. Here is the problem: if the negligent party bought minimum coverage ($25,000) and you don't have any uninsured or under-insured coverage, but you have serious injuries that will require a lot of money to medically treat, you will not get millions. You may only get the $25,000 and you may have to seriously fight to get even that amount.

You see, in an automobile accident case, to get a large payment you need the negligent party to have a very large insurance policy, plus you will most likely need clear negligence on the part of the person who hit you, and you must be able to present to the adverse insurance company genuine medical damages. All three of these must happen together or there will little or no recovery. So do not be persuaded by the fake testimonials on TV. They rarely happen.

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