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Huge Violation of The Public Trust

Burdine & Brown March 26, 2020

“There is lot of ‘splaining' to do here”

U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler was appointed only 3 months ago by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, to fill the recently retired Senator seat of Johnny Isakson. She is now one of 4 US Senators who should be in extremely how water for selling massive amounts of personal stocks based on inside knowledge she received as part of her position as a US Senator before the Corona-19 Virus hit the USA. She has stated that she did not personally sell these stocks but that her advisors did so without her knowledge. How could that be? The timing could not have been better for her.

She has been briefed as part of her new job assigned to the US Senate Intelligence Committee about the coming effects of the Corona-19 Virus.

SHE CLERLY and ADMITTEDLY had information on the virus' effects well before the general public had knowledge.

And what did she do with this knowledge? She sold ½ million dollars of stocks before the stock market tanked.

Interestingly, her husband is Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange! She does not mention this “minor” fact as she attempts to explain her position. Did her husband tip her off about the coming crisis on Wall Street? She would like you to believe that she was clearly innocent of any money transfers, any selling off of stocks, but only did her money manager “happen” to do so without her knowledge. Did her husband tip her off about the huge crisis that was about to happen to the stock market? Did he tip off the money manager? There has to be a reason for the selling off of ½ million dollars just after she learned of the upcoming financial crisis.

They say, in their defense, that since Loeffler is worth 500 million dollars, this was “no big deal” to transfer ½ million dollars. But maybe, just maybe, they thought that to sell more than this amount would “attract attention”. Yet, this meager amount of ½ million dollars did attract all the attention that was needed to expose her as a corrupt politician.

The Governor needs to put pressure on her to resign, NOW! He needs to appoint someone with integrity. I assume there is someone in Georgia who can fill this position. The Governor cannot look at this situation with a blind eye. He is responsible for choosing her out a number of other candidates. If the Governor ignores this most serious ethical violation, it will seem that he will be ignoring her conduct. He then becomes part of the problem.

If the Governor says, “let the people decide” in the upcoming November 2020 election, he would be far off base. The people did not decide to appoint Kelly Loeffler to this position in the first place. He did so, without any input from the people.

Practicing law, like I have for 41 years, has afforded me the opportunity to see a lot of people's conduct, good and bad. I have learned things during this time. Integrity, having a moral compass to point to true North, is always the way to go. Hypocrisy is turning a blind eye to evil deeds. One loses a sense of outrage when hypocrisy sets in.

I have discovered that by digging into the Word of God as my foundation, I see how I am instructed to live out my life and how I can best help my injured clients. I want to always possess that keen sense of moral outrage when I see wrongs being perpetrated on my clients. To become insensitive to these morally outrageous, hypocritical acts of our political officials and of the insurance companies as they try to deceive, delay, deny and otherwise take advantage of their inside knowledge to hurt my clients, is something I hope I will never lose sight of.

Hypocrisy has no color, no race, and no political label. Here is an example of hypocrisy in a most glaring form. The Governor can make a bold move here. Will Kelly Loeffler reign without any pressure from the Governor? Either way, do something now is the cry from the public.