How Can Big Law Firms Be Successful if They Do Not Care for Their Clients, Like You Do?

They represent so many clients, all they want to do is to settle for the “low fruit”. Small numbers in volume. They do not have time to look at the details.

Sadly, I cannot help everyone. I would love to do so BUT,  

One of the reasons why I cannot do so is that the injured person has waited too long to get my advice.

That gives the insurance company many opportunities to find bad doctors to try to prove the person is not hurt.


To get the wrong medical test that does not show the true medical problem the person is experiencing.

We are aggressive, we move quickly, so do not wait any longer-call and we will take a detailed look at your case.

But I am not a miracle worker!

If you have a lawyer who has been representing you for over 2 years, there will probably be too much damage already done for me to change things around.

Call us early in your job injury case!

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