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Have You Completed an Affidavit for Your Lawyer that Will Be Part of Your Settlement Demand Package?

Burdine & Brown Aug. 5, 2020

What is in the Affidavit? The document should be a letter-like statement that comes from your heart. This document should state what you used to be able to do prior to the negligent driver plowed into your vehicle. It should tell a story of the difficulties you now have performing activities of daily living. It should detail the pain you genuinely have like picking up your child, doing laundry, cooking, sitting at a computer desk at work and being in constant pain.

If you don't talk about these daily problems, who will know what the automobile accident has done to you? The insurance adjuster will treat your claim like all the others. Your injuries must be shown to have legitimate and lasting consequences, so long as that is the truth.

If you are now required to take pain medication to just stay at your work station or to just show up at work, this will have lasting consequences upon your working career. If your orthopedic surgeon places you on a permanent work restriction when his/her treatment has reached its maximum benefit (MMI) this will have long lasting vocational consequences for you and that should “show up” as part of your damages. See my website's FAQ's on automobile accident cases at