Have You Been Diagnosed After an Automobile Accident that Was Not Your Fault as Having a Cervical or Lumbar Strain?

Most doctors never get past this diagnosis. Yet, a strain of your neck or low back muscles, if present, can cause arthritis for which there is no cure.

Early and effective medical treatment is a key to recovery after an automobile accident. To do this, you must get to the right doctor and get the right diagnostic testing. Sometimes aggressive physical therapy helps, sometimes, certain medicines can help you to work through the pain.

Many doctors have physician's extenders called physician assistants (PA's) or medical assistants (MA's). This person ends up spending more time with you in the treatment room than your treating physician. But do they have the experience of a well-trained orthopedic surgeon? Certainly not. You are the consumer of medical services. It is up to you to gently but firmly insist you see your doctor, especially if you are not improving medically.

Your lawyer needs to know about this problem and intervene on your behalf. We do this for our clients all the time! It helps our clients' cases greatly. It is because we care about getting the best for our clients. Call us! You will experience what we do for yourself.

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