Fumbling the Ball on Re-Training

It really bugs me when someone is given a whole lot but blows it completely!

Take for instance the City of Atlanta. The City was awarded 4 million dollars to re-train youth, the disabled and just about anybody else. This money came from the Federal Government.   

In an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution dated 8/25/2020, the writers discovered that out of the 4 million dollars received, the City trained 4 people.

What? So what happened to the rest of the 3.9 million dollars? It was wasted, squandered and remains unaccounted for.

This is sheer incompetence. So many people, some of them my injured clients, disabled due to a serious job injury or car accident, could have used some of these funds to be re-trained. This would have helped all to re-enter the work force with a skill and a new career.

Vocational rehabilitation can change a person's life for the good. Bureaucrats in City government, should be jailed for their incompetence. Let my people be re-trained! I suspect that the City of Atlanta will no time soon get this magnificent opportunity again. So sad!

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