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Eligibility for Social Security Disability

Burdine & Brown Feb. 4, 2022

People always want to know what their chances of prevailing are after filing for a SSDIB claim. There are a few things that the SS Administration will look at that are extremely important. Age is a determining factor. People that under 50 years old are considered younger individuals and are considered by the SS Administration capable of obtaining some form of employment in today’s economy. It is very difficult to obtain SSDIB when you are under 50 years old.

Between the age of 50-55, the standard eases somewhat. At 55 years old it is even easier to obtain these benefits.

Obviously, physical or mental disability will create an inability for someone to work. If you are under ongoing treatment or pain management for spine injuries, it is more likely that you will be eligible for these benefits. A leg or an arm injury is not necessarily a disability that can help you obtain SSDIB because the SS Administration will state that you can perform at a sit-down job.

Transferability of skills is another area. If your past relevant work demonstrates that you have gained skills and these skills are transferable to another job in the national economy, then the chances are that you will not received SSDIB. If the work that you performed was as a common laborer, with less skills, then your chances will increase in obtaining SSDIB.

These are some of factors that are relevant to your application for SSDIB.