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Do You Want to Have a Mr. Rogers as Your Lawyer?

Burdine & Brown Jan. 23, 2020

Tom Hanks plays the part of Mr. Rogers and does a great job of it. What we see is a very kind, gentle man, who respects children, gives them hope and helps them to be forgiving and understanding of others around them. These qualities are marvelous but are they appropriate for a lawyer in a system of law that is very argumentative, contentious and hostile?

I say I can be a Mr. Rogers if the insurance folks will take the part of Captain Kangaroo! Sorry, this will not happen. There are some things where kindness will not persuade the other side. I see no benefit for my clients for me to be Mr. Rogers or Mr. Nice Guy. There was only one lawyer who could pull this off, Larry Christiansen. Larry was a very close friend, a former priest and a very accomplished lawyer in Marietta. Larry died a few years ago. There are no others to walk in his path. Sad, but true.

I like the warfare, the battles, and the advocacy. I see things from my client's point of view. I see the insurance company mission as advocacy for their insurance clients and doing so without a heart, acting like the whole system is like a game. Wrong, wrong, and wrong again. I represent flesh and blood. I like it that way. Bring on the fight. I am ready.