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Do Unions Help the Worker?

Burdine & Brown July 28, 2022

The Journal- Constitution reported on July 21, 2022, that “Union activity in Metro Atlanta is increasing.” This very liberal publication tried to give the impression that there is a total wave of increasing union activity in Metro Atlanta. 

Sure, there are a few baristas at your local Starbucks who want Starbucks to pay for their college and day care, but what else can you expect from the ultra-liberal Starbucks owner, Howard Schultz? 

I will applaud workers who are motivated by safety concerns and the proper maintenance of equipment. If a worker gets his arm traumatically amputated by a malfunctioning machine that has been modified so many times by the maintenance department that all that is holding it together is bubble gum and gorilla glue, then if the employer has so little regard for the worker, then bring on the unions for protection and safety issues. 

But here is the problem. The union leaders have very little regard for the younger workers and especially those who get hurt on the job. By and large the union hierarchy is concerned with seniority, not safety. Show me the union whose chief concern is protecting all workers and you will have convinced me to support more union representation. I just do not see that happening in Metro Atlanta and anywhere else for that matter. The whimsical idea of solidarity of the workers can bring on warm and fuzzy feeling but not real help for the needy.  

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