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Coffee Shop Advice

Burdine & Brown Nov. 11, 2019

Listening to the voices of wisdom is central to our lives. But many times we listen to the voices that only want to “tickle our ears” and that give us what we want to hear.

We make unwise decisions when we are distracted by our own internal narratives which tell us what we think is best for us.

Why is it we discount or ignore advice based on who is giving that advice? Why is it we don't listen to the advice and counsel of those who are independent. It is so easy to get the advice from those we want to hear.

I heard a great sermon recently given by Andy Stanley of NPCC, my church home. He spoke of Old Testament times when the King after King Solomon, rejected the advice of his elders and listened only to the advice of the young men around him. The elders were seasoned, very learned. The “young guns” were totally dependent on the King for their positions and for their existence.

The King rejected the advice of the elders, the wise men. As a result, the Kingdom of Israel broke apart.

We all need to realize that those who are not attached to you can see what you cannot see. They connect the dots that you might not be able to connect.

I find that when people of like minds gather at their local coffee shop, they talk about their legal cases. A lot of boasting takes place, much unsolicited advice is given. I suggest that the quality of advice given at the local coffee shop is worth about that…a cup of coffee or expresso.

Don't discount advice just because it comes from an outside source. Your true wisdom may come by realizing you need to seek legal advice from one who has experience and first-hand knowledge in specific areas that affect your life.

I can genuinely say to you that the advice you receive from this lawyer will always be guided by the Spirit of God Almighty and delivered to you with your well-being as a goal.