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Can Arthritis Be Caused by A Job Injury?

Burdine & Brown Oct. 24, 2019

In an insurance publication called GeorgiaFirst.Com, a First Quarter 2019 article was published by Yolanda Scott MD., a physiatrist at Resurgens Orthopedics, addressing whether arthritis can be caused by a traumatic injury. The trauma could be caused by an automobile accident or by a job injury.

As Dr. Scott stated, “Acute injuries can also lead to the development of arthritis and joint degeneration.” Before coming to the conclusion that arthritis is caused by trauma, she states that she wants:

  • MRI or other diagnostic testing

  • Complete medical records to identify pre-existing conditions

I will guarantee that every insurance company created in the 21st Century will fight you “tooth and nail” to avoid paying for treatment of an arthritic condition even if it is clearly aggravated by the trauma of a job injury.

Frankly, I wonder if Dr. Scott will continue to state that a workers' arthritic condition was aggravated by a job injury if she were pressed by an insurance adjuster to “just say no”. In these type of cases, it is much easier to say no than to wade through all the medical records and testify and to fight for the worker. I do know a number of doctors who will take up the fight for you. But you must have a clean bill of health with regard to any prior medical treatment. Without those facts, no lawyer will be able to help you.