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Q-What is the percentage of Favorable Decisions made by the judge in my case?

If you go on line at, and look under the judge that will be hearing your case, you will see a chart for all Social Security judges. Now, if the Social Security judge that is going to hear your case has a 25% approval rate that may seem pretty bad. Now this is not always the case, since some people file a SSDIB claim but do not show up for court and that is considered a denial that will go under that Social Security judge when he disposes of that case. Some people obtain medical treatment and after a period of time they get better and decide not to pursue the SSDIB claim initially filed. Those type of cases contribute to that same 25% denial rate under that particular judge.

A recently good friend of mine who used to do many SSDIB cases, Foy Horne in Athens Georgia, told me that overall approval rate is about 60 % for Administrative Law Judges. That is a more palatable approval rate. However, that approval rate, said Foy Horne, is based upon quality representation of a lawyer who knows how to handle a SSDIB claim. That number does not represent the people representing themselves nor a new lawyer who is trying to learn how to put together these type of cases.     

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