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Q-What if my IME doctor wants to do a diagnostic test that has never been done on me before now?

A-An IME is when you tell not ask, the insurance company adjuster you want an interdependent doctor to examine you. Remember there are a few rules before you can demand this:
•You must have received weekly benefits within the last four (4) months.
•You must notify the insurance adjuster in writing before you see the IME doctor.
•You can require the insurance company to pay $1,200 for this examination up front.

I don't advise the injured person to do this on their own. What doctor will you use? Do you have any experience (other than your neighbor used this doctor a year ago) in your decision making?

Assume you gave this IME doctor your records of your injury. Then the doctor suggests an EMG/NCV, an MRI with contrast, a CT scan, a myelogram/CT scan, a discogram. If any of these tests have NOT previously been done for this injury, you have the right to demand the insurance company to pay for the test and THEN the doctor should see you again after the test.

The whole purpose of the IME is to have a fresh set of eyes (and point of view) to view your injury and give straight forward medical advice. Something you may not have received before this IME.

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