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Q-What if I told the police officer I was not hurt at the scene of the accident?

A number of my clients state to the police officer at the accident scene that they do not need to be taken by ambulance to the ER yet, by the time they get home, or later in the evening of the day of the accident they feel the pain of the impact.

Generally speaking, this is not a problem so long as you go to the ER or to your family doctor the next day or so. There is wide spread knowledge that an impact can take up to 24 to 48 hours to produce soft tissue symptoms. Nevertheless, insurance adjusters will still try to use this delay in treatment as a talking point to reduce the value of the claim.

There are a number of accidents and injury clinics in Metro Atlanta that specialize in auto wreck cases. The better ones have multiple offices so a person can be examined almost immediately after an automobile accident. Some of these clinics have a wide array of doctors that are in their staff, such as an orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, pain management doctors, neuro surgeons and chiropractors. However, do not expect to see any of these specialists (except chiropractors) on the first day you present yourself for medical treatment. Most assuredly you will see a P.A. (physician's assistant), then be given diagnostic tests (the best clinics have the MRI's and CT Scans in house), then be referred to either chiropractic or possibly physical therapy.

The real question to be asked is how authentic is the reputation of the accident clinic? The longer the clinic has been in business, the more people they treat and get a somewhat dubious reputation with the insurance companies. Why so? Because the medical reports, especially on exclusively soft tissue claims, all look alike. This seems to create suspicion on the part of the insurance companies which tends to drive down the value of the case.

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