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Q-Should I let the insurance company doctor who has operated on my shoulder, set me up with a FCE without any push back on my part?

An FCE is short for Functional Capacity Evaluation. A certified physical therapist, trained in administrating this test, gives the test which shall last between 2 and 4 hours depending on the type of injury you have sustained.

Here is the problem. Too many FCE physical therapist people assume you are not going to give your full effort. They assume you will be guarded of your movements. Some FCE examiners will call you a faker, a malingerer even though you are pushing through your pain and are genuinely trying.

So the FCE provider sends their inflammatory report to your doctor and to the insurance company. How are they going to look at you when they read you have given less than full effort, your blood pressure did not go up (a way they say you were not trying hard enough). The opinion of your doctor and the adjuster will turn on a dime. They now see you as a slacker.

This report end up at your employer's personnel office.

Now you are cooked! All because some 25 years old overly aggressive therapist trying to make a name for him/herself to get more business sent their clinic.

The take away here? You cannot let the insurance folks control your medical case to such a degree that you let them do what they want, refer you to whomever they want. They know who gives those bad reports. They are not stupid. If they can guide you to a stinky highly prejudicial FCE examiner. They will do so in a heartbeat.

Do not wait to this point before you decide “it is time to get me a lawyer.” By this time, you have waited too long. I like to tell folks that if you put a frog in a pot of water, the frog will like it. But when you turn up the heat slowly, the frog will relax and still like it. Then you turn the heat even way up and the frog is fried and didn't see it coming. Watch out! The workers' compensation system has many tricks hidden along the way. You do need an expert to guide you.

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