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Is it OK to discuss my legal claim with the insurance company adjuster who “works” for the fellow who caused my accident injuries?

If you have hired a lawyer, then certainly you should not speak to the insurance adjuster. They are ethically not allowed to talk to a person who is legally represented.

But if it is early in your case, and for some unknown reason you STILL have not hired an attorney to represent your interests, talking to the adjuster will get you in hot water.

The adjuster might smooth talk you into giving a recorded statement. The adjuster will ask you to sign medical authorizations so they can get your medical records, not only of your current injuries, but any past medical treatment you may have received for any condition whatsoever.

The adjuster will tell you to submit your bills to them and “they will review then for payment.” Really? I don't think so. The adjuster is looking to set their reserves on your case. The value of the reserves will be set very low with a small number of medical bills

If the adjuster can convince you that he/she has your best interest at heart and is looking to settle your legal claim for a “reasonable value,” then you may end up settling your claim unknowingly. If you have had a few weeks of treatment for a low back strain and you are CONFIDENT you have completely healed from your auto accident injuries, sure, why not settle directly with the adjuster.

But, if you have been seriously hurt, do not deal directly with the insurance adjuster about your injury case. You will never, never, get a fair shake.

There is an old expression that goes well here:” The person who represents himself/herself has a fool for a client”.

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