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How do I choose a settlement loan company if i need money to hold me over until I settle my case?

I say… do not choose to do this. Avoid such a loan if all possible. The temptation is great. But if you continue to work after your auto accident, why would you need to borrow money?

Do realize that the cost of repayment is HUGE. The interest rate is astronomical. And the loan companies want your lawyer to hold your settlement money until you pay the loan company back FIRST. There are many companies in Atlanta and beyond waiting for you to sign up.

The temptation is great. If you are about to lose your apartment or home because you cannot work due to the automobile accident, this presents an entirely different set of facts. If your only good car is about to be repossessed and you will have no way to get to work, these are hard choices.

But to just borrow money to “get a bit ahead” is far from a wise decision on many levels.

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