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    Is it Fraud?

    June 2018

    If a workers is injured and then after a recovery, begins another work with his/her spouse in the spouse’s restaurant business, earning no money at all (just “helping” the business) is that fraud? This was a close case I handled in Gainesville, Georgia, and one in which all parties decided to settle instead of going to court. Read On

  • A Dispute over the Best Kind of Medical Treatment for a Job Injury Goes to Court

    January 2020

    After agreeing with the insurance company to change orthopedic surgeons for my client’s low back injuries, we moved forward with a Dr. Velez as the new doctor, a spine specialist with Resurgens. After a period of treatment, Dr. Velez proposed a single level partial disc removal. My client did his due diligence research, we spoke on a number of occasions, and he consulted his family doctor and thereafter concluded that this partial disc removal was not the right operation for him. My client had a face to face meeting with Dr. Velez about the type of operation the doctor proposed. As my client later testified in court, the doctor said: “it is my way or the highway.” This was shameful and completely egocentric behavior on the doctor’s part. To add insult to injury, Dr. Velez then released my client to full duty work with a 5% whole body impairment rating after initially stating my client was totally disabled! The insurance company then stopped completely my client’s weekly disability benefits. Read On

  • “Was this newly discovered evidence?”

    January 2018

    One of my most satisfying cases recently was when I had an opportunity to represent “Larry” in a very difficult case. He called me after he said the workers’ compensation Judge ruled against him and his lawyer. I told him I would appeal his case but he had to fire his lawyer first. He did so. This client’s first lawyer did not listen to “Larry”. Admittedly the client was hard to deal with in some ways. But after the insurance company sent this client to an insurance doctor for a second opinion about back surgery, the client attempted to call his original lawyer to tell him: “I think this doctor will help me.” He could not reach his lawyer. The call went to voice mail. Later the client called again. The attendant told him he called the office far too much and hung up on him. Then the client got very frustrated and gave up. Read On

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